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  1. Aries Woman: Personality Traits, Love, Relationships & More
  2. The Aries Woman: 10 Personality Traits
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  4. 1. They love variety.

A sense of playfulness and an appreciation for absurdity can make this wooly Ram the life of the party, and a joy to have as a companion. They like to be in charge of how they are perceived, and often intensely dislike not being in control of their own image. Relationships with these wild and headstrong creatures are not for the faint of heart — a female Aries will keep you on your toes with her fiery energy, blunt honesty, and satirical sense of humor.

In all relationships, romantic or professional, equality is essential to the Aries woman. She will not tolerate chauvinism, being talked down to, or injustices of any kind. Are you compatible with your Aries woman? Find out here. The feminine Aries energy makes for passionate and generous lovers, delightfully fun friends, and excellent creative contributors. Sex with an Aries woman can be a combustible affair, a veritable bonfire of passion that can be completely consuming.

Can you keep up with her? Check your love compatibility with Aries. The physical world is her natural domain, so a purely intellectual or emotional affair will simply not do for this glittering torch of a woman.

Aries Woman: Personality Traits, Love, Relationships & More

Can you trust your Aries woman? Well, that all depends on whether you give her a good reason not to wander off toward more exciting connections. Many Sun Aries women like to do things typically considered "masculine. But as with any sign, the Aries woman defies stereotype.

The Aries Woman: 10 Personality Traits

For every Aries kickboxer or roller derby queen, there's an Aries artist or poet. The common denominator is that whatever she's into, she wants to be the best at it. To win her heart, you must admire her gutsy ways, and encourage her to shine big. The Aries woman is a tease.

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She's not above playing mind games. She may try to make you jealous to remind you of what you've got or to make you up your emotional game. Unfortunately, what's sauce for the gander is not sauce for the goose. Aries' big ego makes it hard for her not to take things personally. If you show signs of straying—even if only to make her jealous—she'll likely launch a pre-emptive rejection strike to save face.

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The best partner for an Aries woman is someone who has their own big dreams and the wherewithal to make them happen. She needs a man who is confident in his masculinity and isn't freaked out by a woman who puts her own sense of self front and center. If she suspects you want to control, smother or any other way put out her fire, she'll be out the door so fast it will make your head spin. The fiery nature of Aries makes them animated and self-directed. She's passionate and will come alive if you are, too. She responds well to praise but isn't big on sentimental, emotion-laden overtures.

Because she likes to challenge herself as much as she likes to challenge others, she's always exploring new places and pushing the envelope of her comfort zones. However, she's a passionate and generous lover, a delightfully fun friend, and as a professional, she's an active and creative contributor. An Aries woman is capable, independent, and resists restrictions, but at the same time, she does want someone special in their life, and she's like a kid when she's in love.

1. They love variety.

Individuals who are the most likely to catch Aries woman's eye are those with a natural self-assuredness and confidence. If they're successful all the better. A sweet, quiet person is likely to bore an Aries woman; she's looking for someone who can hold their own and is not easily intimidated. Dates with an Aries woman are filled with spontaneity, fun, and excitement.

She's a feminine feminist who's all about physicality, is as comfortable with guys as she is with other women and is as self-assured in stilettos and full make-up as she is wearing sneakers and a ball cap with a clean face.

So, there's no limit to dating activities and she expects more from the person she's dating than a romantic candlelit dinner. She wants every date to be an adventure. It takes more than an intellectual or emotional affair to light a spunky Aries woman's fire. She's passionate, has a burning sexual appetite, and is seductive.

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She's sexually spontaneous and not shy about taking the lead. She shows her feelings and asks for what she wants. As a sexual partner, she's fun, raw, physical and never reluctant to try new things.