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Change your holiday pattern Researchers advise taking a few shorter holidays rather than a single long one, as this will ease the re-adjustment to work life. Ideally, you should avoid booking three to four weeks off work in one go. Cut back on your TV viewing You've survived for a couple of weeks without the soaps or sport on the box. Why not even Salsa the night away or see a foreign language film that reminds you of your hols!

The vaping controversy: No smoke without fire? The case for and against e Tips for first time buyers: don't rent, avoid Celtic Tiger era apartment Also in Life. Ireland's first sensory hotel bedrooms to boost 'autism-friendly' holidays "Sometimes, it's just easier not to go away with Ryanair's Lauda launches its first flights from regional Ireland Lauda, the low-cost Austrian airline owned by Ryanair launches four new routes from Dublin in summer schedule Ryanair will fly from Dublin to Verona, Marseille, Game changer: Teen football fan fears for his Christmas trip after company's collapse A teenage football fan has been left heartbroken Eoghan Corry: 'Thomas Cook closure hits holidaymakers and sends shivers through sun When the world's oldest travel firm goes to the wall, the Dublin family's Man United trip left in limbo after travel firm Thomas Cook goes into A teenager whose Christmas present was a trip Irish holidaymakers impacted as Thomas Cook ceases trading with immediate effect A number of Irish holiday makers are amongst the Global Greening See the landmarks going green for St Patrick's Day Hundreds of iconic buildings and landmarks changing Global Greening: The landmarks going green for St Patrick's Day Hundreds of iconic buildings and landmarks are set to go Ireland's Top 10 beaches for Our readers have spoken!

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Here are Ireland's top Camino de Santiago: 20 photos that will make you want to get your boots on Spain's Camino de Santiago is an epic hike with a heart. New York at Christmas: 20 images of an American winter wonderland New York is the greatest three-day town on earth.

A look at Derg Lodge, Ballina, Co. Tipperary Delighted dogs feast on canine-friendly 'pupcakes' Dogs trust launched their third annual 'Pupcake Day' today, as they released this You do not have to be the star of the show to get your point across, or to enjoy yourself. Let someone else bask in the limelight and notice how friendliness, acceptance, and patience take you from one satisfying experience to the next. Sometimes we must accept things just as they are if we are ever to figure out what needs to be done next.

Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together. Life is becoming serious — to the same degree that you must now take yourself, your rights, your health, and your goals more seriously. You are seeing what stands between you and your aspirations, and the work that must be done to arrive at the results you want.

Accept reality — and get better organized. Look for ways to simplify your life, rather than complicate it. Find creative ways to bring order to areas of chaos. Determine which problems are of your own making and realize that some misunderstandings require more sensitivity — and recognition of the fact that you do indeed have your own faults and weak spots.


Do not be afraid to be afraid. Feel your fears and allow them to do their job, which is to alert you to potential trouble and point out alternate routes. And be sensitive to the fact that others are experiencing fear too, no matter what denial mechanisms are in place. Hurt feelings can cause unexpected reactions, so try to be patient with yourself and those around you. Try to work things out together. You may have to be firm and resolved, and diplomatic and patient all at the same time.

Any anger that arises may be an attempt to hide your fear of failure. This can make you appear unsure of what you are trying to achieve, especially if you resort to blaming others or finding excuses for what appears to be a lack of answers. Remember that your goals are your goals — and you are responsible for their every detail! The events of October are preparing you for success, and you are in a stronger position than you may think. However, your definition of success may change quite drastically now. You have traveled a long way this year, and you need to let that fact bring a sense of contentment into your life.

Assess all the possibilities rather than getting stuck in the problem itself. This practical cycle enables you to see other people in a different light. Do you need to break away for a while so that you can figure things out for yourself, form your own opinions, and make decisions that are right for you? Or, are you so detached from others that you never listen to them anyway, even when their advice is sound and timely?

Are you suffering from Post Holiday Syndrome? -

Now is the time to create a comfortable balance between your aspirations and your fear of rejection. Take everything slowly and methodically. Notice how you make extra work for yourself by insisting on doing things your way — or refusing to accept that there really are simpler or more efficient approaches.

If you have taken something as far as you can take it, you must either let it evolve into something else or, perhaps, just let it go. The walls of this restrictive month will slow you down whenever you move too fast or when you are not focused on the steps you are taking. Pace yourself realistically, and rest when you feel like resting. Let others be who they are — or who they pretend to be. You must be yourself so that you can move forward again. Notice just how powerful and resourceful you are when you allow yourself to think, feel, and act freely.

A new situation will enter your life this month. Whatever it is, make sure you react to it in a way that best serves your long-term interests. October is no time for rash or thoughtless moves. Take yourself and your goals seriously, and patiently assess where each move is likely to lead, before you make it. This will enable you to position yourself just where you need to be. We act as if comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about.

Once you start to unravel yourself from the numbness and get used to thinking and feeling on a deeper level again, you will realize that you are very much alive and ready to alter your attitude — and your direction. The narrow 4 road gets wider this month — and brighter too. You have choices — and a decision will have to be made.

You now have a chance to do something unusual, different, daring, and exciting; to experience new places, people, and activities, and to bring a sense of adventure back into your life.

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The constant grind you experienced this year was never meant to be a permanent situation. Old routines need to be changed. Listen, watch, and feel, for potential opportunity.

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Your awareness of reality will determine just how much power you have to change things. Be resourceful. There is no sense in asking of others what they do not have the ability or inclination to give. Be honest about what you are feeling. Unexpressed emotions can stop you from taking even the simplest steps toward improving your circumstances. Then you will have to rely on others to tell you what you can or cannot do, and even what is right and wrong. The more dependent you are on outside factors, the more you will become governed by them. The events of this year have made very clear just how un-free your Will is, and you are probably eager to remedy that situation.

Moon of Intuitive Perception

Although there is no guarantee that your attempts at damage-control will succeed, now is certainly the time to try. Direct your sights toward new ambitions and interests. Aim high. In a year that places such a strong emphasis on work and your sense of identity, an important change will occur in these areas, or in your attitude towards your work and your sense of identity. Where does your work fit in to your overall vision of happiness?

Truth is everywhere. Truth is reality — and this cycle can help you find your truth by recognizing your mistakes, learning from them, and not repeating them. Try to feel relaxed and free. Accept your situation with renewed enthusiasm and take some breaks for fun and relaxation.

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Little by little, you are becoming the person you really want to be, so STOP being so hard on yourself! Respect for the rights of others is peace. October emphasizes CHANGE in the areas of family, responsibility, relationship, domestic or legal matters, healing old and current wounds; marriage, peace, education, your need to love and be loved, and your sense of home and belonging.

Love has many different forms, and it is possible to love different people or things in different ways without letting guilt enter the situation. For example, it is possible to love a person one way and your work another way, forming two very different marriages in your life. Current circumstances enable you to love everything you truly love, freely and deeply, by coming face to face with reality, and refusing to be ruled by guilt and blame — which are the great destroyers of love and freedom.

You cannot destroy or eliminate guilt and blame because they do, indeed, exist. And the less you judge yourself, the more self-acceptance you feel, and the more lovable you and others become. In this cycle, the judgments you make ARE guilt and blame. This year is enabling you to find out who and what you love so that your love and your life can continue to expand.

There is room in your life for all the responsibilities that are yours, including your responsibility to live as you want to live. It is also possible that a responsibility could be taken off your hands so that a different one can be assumed. You do have a choice in every move you make, although your options can be difficult to recognize.

If love is what you are feeling, then the choices you make will be based on love and will automatically be right for the situation. The choices you make create your reality, but choices that are made for you are not really choices. The power of choice is largely what this year has been all about.

Weigh the reality of each situation with your right to live freely. You may have to focus on a specific family member, neighbor, authority figure, or close friend. The home itself is also emphasized.


Whatever the case, you will need to stabilize all those things that matter to you, because they represent the basis of your upcoming 6 Year. One thing is certain. Love is in the air. Feel it. Love it. Freedom thrives in love. Great strides can now be made which can lead to more ease and increased security for all concerned if you make a choice based on love. In the past, you may have concentrated too heavily on one area of your life while another was neglected. You are now moving closer to the creation of a more comfortable balance — just as long as you can break a pattern of behavior or attitude that has kept you running in the same old circles for SO long!

I look over the various parts of my character with perplexity. But who is the real one?