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Neptune, Mars, and Chiron are in Pisces. There's a desire to mo ve forward and take action and the intuition you need when deciding how to go forward is available. Neptune in Pisces brings the element of fantasy and the desire to dream, whereas Jupiter in Sagittarius wants to grow dreams and make them turn into a life long adventure. This is like putting air in the ultimate flying balloon where feet lift on the ground and the mind reaches for the stars. Positive and dangerous all at the same time. Dreams need to be rooted in reality.

Mars and Neptune intensify their own conjunction today so drive and determination can implore you to search out how to do what you want, now. Today's Sagittarius Moon harmonizes strongly with Jupiter the planet of luck and good fortune with an orb of 1 degree, and at the same time connects with Mercury in Scorpio, forming a type of telepathic bridge that functions to open the gateway of the mind in an expansive way.

Transformative ideas are possible and choices can have a surprisingly optimistic impact, but there's potential to over due things. The Moon is in a harsh aspect with Pluto in Capricorn. So, if you are about to do something and anticipate being overly assertive, you will want to be sure that you are targeted and grounded in the reality of your situation.

With so many planets in the sign of Sagittarius, the future is emphasized. This is a time to be optimistic, especially now that Mercury is direct and informational downloads that come in tomorrow during a New Moon can be clear. Even though there can be complications for today's energy, today truly can be transformational. Be specific when you take action. Aries, be happy. The time is ripe to think about the future you hoped to have and to envision it with clarity in your mind's eye.

You can feel the intensity of emotion, thanks to Mars in Pisces, however, you're able to flow with the changes that are set to begin with confidence. Taurus, aim for more. With the Moon opening up your ability to tap into unexpected resources and support of others, a difficult situation can seem to move forward and lighten. Now that Mercury turns direct, even the things you enjoy doing can provide truthful insights that help you to see what you need in an area where you may have felt a bit lost or unclear. Gemini, trust yourself. With your ruling planet turning direct today, you can set boundaries that allow you to feel healthier and more in control of your day.

The Sun helps you to find who you are and what you are made of in a positive light. You may sense that you can discover a creative way to use blocks in the path as stepping stones as opposed to stumbling blocks. Cancer, joy is yours. Today, happiness and good luck unite. With the Moon connecting with Jupiter and the Sun, things that seemed out of reach are attainable. You can see what can complicate a goal, particularly related to projects that have loose ends and are symbolically personal for you. However, what you need to do to improve this situation can clarify and this shift in thinking helps you to apply action with sharp precision.

Here is your horoscope for December 6, - Horoscopes News

Leo, overcome challenges with time. Today, your ruling planet signals a need to be mindful rather than forceful when it comes to dreams you want to realize. There's work to be done but due to a harsh aspect with Mars at this time, more effort is needed for your vision to work out to your expectations. Aligning your energy in practical ways can help you to gain favor, especially now that your ruling planet, the Sun communicates with Jupiter. Ambition may require motivational support, but you have what you need to stay optimistic.

Search out sources of strength that keeps you focused. Ruled by Jupiter this day symbolizes supremacy and auspicious events and seems to have the same daring flow as the lives of Sagittarius individuals. People born on December 6 have an aspiring nature. They are always original and dignified.

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Just like a true Sagittarius, when they are not thinking about how to transformation the world, they are charming and romantic. They appreciate the occasions to give advices or offer moral support. They dislike obstacles and judgment. Those born under this sign enjoy outside enterprises, especially if there's some kind of competition involved. Positive traits: These natives are friendly and direct beings but at the same time they can be quite reserved with a series of details about themselves.

They are also modest and don't really brag about their work or their achievements. They are competitive and love a good challenge but this is all people usually see on behalf of their efforts. They prefer to surround themselves with people as trustworthy as they are. Negative traits: Learning to be less gullible and trusty with anyone is one thing Sagittarius needs to do. Not everyone has the best motives and these natives keep forgetting that. Those born on this day are dreamy and boastful, they dream of saving the world because they are the most relevant and great people on earth.

They are sometimes superstitious, cruel and spiteful. Lovers born on December 6 are persistent and romantic. As Sagittarius natives they aim high in all matters of life, therefore they are also very pretentious when it comes to love. They know exactly what they look for in the person to stand beside them. They don't really think it is such thing as love at first sight as they generally prefer to know a person thoroughly even before starting dating. Their love affairs grow from strong friendships. They need time to know the person likely to stay beside them and although they are not usually a passionate lover their loyalty and honesty compensate.

Venus enters Sagittarius

They will lead a great inner home happiness governed by domestic responsibility and good judgment. They are most compatible with those born on the 1st, 6th, 9th, 10th, 15th, 18th, 19th, 24th and 27th. December 6 Zodiac people seem to be most attracted to the other fire signs: Aries and Leo as they tend to share the same vision of life.

In love, Sagittarius is in a permanent search for a lively, creative and communicative partner and the most suitable to offer them this is the native born under Gemini. The lover in Sagittarius is said to be least compatible with Scorpio. As for the rest of partnerships between the other star signs and Sagittarius, you know what they say, stars predispose but people dispose. Purple, as a hue, combines peaceful and cool blue with fiery heated red in a mysterious hue. This zodiac color should be used for objects that are sitting in places where these natives spend most of their time.

People having purple as sign color are sensitive and compassionate persons that tend to initiate humanitarian projects to help others and also find their purpose in life. Rich purple shades, the colors of royalty, seem to transfer a great sense of self confidence and elegance to the high aiming Sagittarius. The intriguing Turquoise is the birthstone said to be representative for Sagittarians born with December 6.

Turquoise is a precious material that denotes achievement and celebrity. The zodiac birthstone could be used in accessories and jewelry items. It is said to focus positive energies on the completion of important tasks and on easing communication between more than two people.

Its name comes from the French expression Pierre tourques. Another precious stone considered beneficial for Sagittarius natives is Quartz. It represents purity and clarity. Narcissus is the flower of preference for Sagittarius natives, especially those born under the December 6. Narcissus is a plant that symbolizes loyalty and honesty. The zodiac flower could be used in gifts and decorative items.

Narcissus is said to influence individuals to reveal their true intentions.

This flower can be enjoyed during early spring time. This is a metal that symbolizes wisdom and progress. This zodiac metal could be used in accessories and decorative objects. Tin is a symbol for knowledge and change and is said to accentuate the investigative and observant nature of an individual. Tin forms bronze in association to copper.

December 6 Birthday Horoscope

Those born on December 6 are great at creating a positive energy around them, motivating, counseling and entertaining everyone around. In love, they need to be accepted as they are and their curious nature to be nurtured. At the slightest sign that there is something expected of them, they tend to flight.

Thinking big is their thing and this is exactly what drives them towards wealth when they listen to their intuition and meet the right people along the way.

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Their health is quite strong but since Sagittarius is said to rule the liver, hips and thighs, they are prone to minor injuries of the hip and lower limb and to suffering of affections of the abdomen. The next poll invites you to question which do you consider is the most beneficial area in the life of people belonging to December This decan is strongly influenced by the planet Mars.

This is representative for people who are ambitious and intuitive just like Sagittarius and fiery idealists just like Mars. This period is said to temper the characteristics of the Sagittarius zodiac sign.


Horoscope December 6, 2018: Check out the astrology prediction for your zodiac sign

Being born on the 6th day of the month shows a perseverant individual who is also generous, tender and caring. The numerology for December 6 is 6. This number reveals responsibility, affection and a domestic approach to life. Those Sagittarius associated with the number 6 enjoy spending time with families and building a safe environment for those they love.