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You can also use this face reading guide to read faces on your friends to find out about their personality traits. Learn how to read faces and personalities with this simple face reading guide. Face readers have long noticed that people with metal face often have a high IQ, are perfectionists, and self-critical. They also tend to be weaker in physical strength.

They are true pioneers, even if their ideas can be a bit irrational at times. Other typical oval face shape personality traits include firmness and a sense of honesty.

Chinese Face Reading

They seem to always obey the rules and can be great managers, judges, and diplomats. Anything that has to do with decision making and justice suit them extremely well. They are very adaptable, dynamic, and enjoy variety, but tend to be slow in decision making.

According to face readers, men and women with this face shape are very optimistic, kind, caring, and sensitive, and seek stable and long-term relationships. A person with a round face shape can be very creative and intuitive. Also, people with round faces are dreamers and thought to have vivid sexual fantasies! Face readers have discovered that most people with heart shaped faces are not very fond of outdoor work and tend to have lower physique.

They would rather spend their time analyzing and acquiring knowledge. Their tall and broad forehead indicates mental capacity and intellectual persuasion. Other heart shaped face characteristics include being natural leaders, good planners, and having a great sense of responsibility.

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They are also able to see the big picture, and seeing through a project. People with heart face shapes are deep thinkers, and very philosophical with strong ideals. A person with this face shape spend more time nurturing their relationships, as they are very loving and generous. Many writers, artists, and researchers are people with heart shaped faces.

They seek stability and security in their work life, as well as in their personal life. You will never find them rushing into things, or taking unnecessary risks. Face readers have noticed that a person with this face shape prefer the safe and proven path. Other typical square face personality traits include being conservative, prudent, quiet, and not easily influenced by other people. Work areas that are suitable for a person with a square face shape are finance and insurance, since they are very trustworthy, perceptive, stable, and reliable.


People with this face shape are extroverted, very sociable, with a fun personality. Face readers have noticed that a person with a triangle face shape is like an open book, and never keeps grudges inside. A person with a triangle shaped face is very people-oriented and need others to fully shine. Working as a presenter or speaker are perfect career choices for a person with a fire face, or anything else that requires an audience or networking skills.

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  7. The only thing they need to control in order to be successful is their fiery temper! Next step in doing a physiognomy face reading is to look for key attributes of the face. The specific areas that professional face readers study are the forehead, eyes, lips, nose, and jaws. Forehead reading is very important in physiognomy. This is so true, especially when you learn more about face reading. So, what do face readers say about the eyes? Shape and personality, is there a connection? Nose reading is very easy to do.

    But what have professional face readers found out? A simple chin face reading can give you very valuable information in only few seconds.

    A beginner’s guide to Chinese face reading

    You can also use this technique to do a general prediction of the future! You will be able to learn about their relationship with their parents when you do a forehead reading. Chinese face readers have found that a clear forehead is a sign of a happy childhood whereas a dull skin color or indented forehead are revealing health issues, problems at school, or trouble with family members during that period in life. A nice rounded bright forehead indicates a great start in their career — whereas a darker skin color in that area or if that area is indented, shows that the person must struggle a lot to gain success, according to Chinese face reading.

    If this area is bright, firm, and gently rounded, then the person has a very positive outlook on life. If the eyebrows are thick and there is a wide space between them, then the person will make a lot of money and live a long life. If the eyebrows are very close together, that signifies that the person has difficulty in forgiving and letting go of things.

    A dull or dark color in this area is associated with health issues and unhappiness in career. Chinese face readers believe that black spots or cross lines in this area are indications of health issues or problems with their spouse.

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    At least make sure that your face glows with vitality. And with balanced and symmetrical facial features, you will enjoy a smooth journey as you go about your daily activities. This indicates strong Nobleman luck for those born in the year of the Pig. This year, it is best if the Pig face is accompanied by a fair and rosy complexion.

    Nine indications of WEALTH on your FACE -

    The jawline and chin must be fleshy. This indicates good support given by others. In addition, the eyes of those born in the year of the Pig must be bright and clear. The irises and the whites of the eyes should be clearly distinct from each other. A balanced and broad forehead, four to five fingers in height will ensure that Pig people will be able to think with clarity.